Backpacking Tent: How to Choose

Backpacking Tent: How to Choose

Choosing the right backpacking tent is important since it will be your shelter and protection from the elements at night out in the wilderness. You want something suitable for the weather that you will be facing but light and compact enough to be easy to carry.

Use this guide to choose the right backpacking tent for you:

Weather Conditions

The first thing that you should consider before choosing a tent for your backpacking trip is to consider the weather conditions. If you are backpacking somewhere warm in the summer months you would prepare differently than if you traveled somewhere snowing in winter. Not only would you wear warmed clothes but you would pack a different tent.

The main choice that you will be making is whether to get a 3-season tent or a 4-season tent. A 3-season tent will be suitable for Spring, Summer, and Fall. A 4-season tent is also built for winter. A 4-season tent can withstand, heavy snow, storms, and wind, while a 3-season tent will not. However, a 4-season tent may be too hot during other weather conditions.

Weight and Size

As with everything that you bring backpacking, you must also consider the packing weight and size of your tent. Every bit of weight added can make a difference when you are lugging backpack across the backcountry. Backpacking tent manufacturers work to make sure that their tents are as light as possible but, generally, the smaller and lighter you go the less space you will have inside the tent.

Additionally, some more expense tents are termed ultra-light, utilizing lighter but durable materials. Do research on the potential tents and their material to determine what is right for you.

Number of People

The last thing that you should consider is how many people you plan on fitting in your tent. For the solo backpacker you will only need a 1-person tent, so there is not much to plan in that case. However, if you are travelling with others you may want to consider how to split the load. You could pack a 2-person tent a have one person carry the tent, leaving room for the another to carry other important items.

Take some time to consider this aspect.

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