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Best Off-Road Lights

These off-road lights are great for anyone looking to illuminate the trail while wheeling in the dark. Weather you enjoy the challenge of off-roading at night or are hitting a camping spot late at night, these lights are great options for guiding you through the dark.

Check out our list of the best off-road lights:

KC HiLites Apollo Pro

KC is the leader in off-road lights and has been selling great products for over 50 years. The KC HiLites Apollo Pro comes with 2 100-watt H3 Halogen bulb spotlights. These lights are extremely bright and perfect for any off-road situation.

KC Apollo Pro lights feature optical glass lens, precision polished optical reflectors, a Polymax housing, and integrated stone guards. These lights are made to perform and last for years to come.

These lights are waterproof.

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Nilight LED Light Bar

The Nilight LED Light Bar features advance LED chips and clear PC lens, which makes for a powerful and bright light beam that lights up the trail. This light bar offers 2 beams, a spot beam for long distance illumination and a flood beam for a broader view.

The Nilight LED bar also comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and allows you to adjust the light to about 45 degrees, allowing you to change the direction of the light beam. Additionally, the wiring and electrical components are super high quality.

This light bar is waterproof.

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52 Inch Led Light Curved Light Bar by T-Former

The 52 Inch Led Light Curved Light Bar by T-Former is a curved LED light bar delivering 6000k of bright cool white light. The curved design offers a wider range of light so you can see more while off the paved roads.

These lights also provide a combo of spot and flood lights offering a perfect combo: focus spot light with large flood beams on the peripherals.

These lights are waterproof.

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Auxbeam V Series

The Auxbeam V Series is another solid off-road light. It comes in a 22”, 32”, 42”, and 52” size, with 120W, 180W, 240W, and 300W respectively. This light connects to your phone through Bluetooth so that you can control the lights from an app.

These lights are extremely bright and a great value for the price.

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