Best Outdoor Coolers

Best Outdoor Coolers

Are you looking for the best cooler to take with you on your outdoor adventures? Having a quality cooler is essential for keeping your food safely stored on any camping or overlanding trip.

Whether you are looking to bring food, beer, or both, you need a cooler that works for you.

Check out our top outdoor cooler picks:

Top Pick: Pelican 50 Elite

The Pelican Elite Cooler is not only extremely good at keeping ice for extended periods of time but is built like a tank. In usual Pelican fashion, this cooler is built to withstand the toughest of punishments, which makes it a great option for any outdoor adventure.

This is the most durable cooler you can get and is even bear-proof, so you neve have to worry if your food is safe.

This cooler keeps ice for 7-10 plus days which puts it among the best performing coolers in ice retention.

The sturdy all plastic handles make it easy to carry and are as tough as the rest of the cooler.

With all these great features and great ice retention, this cooler gives you a lot more than similar high-quality coolers. I highly recommend this cooler as it has served me well on many adventures to deserts and forests alike. 

Pelican Elite Cooler
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Runner Up: Yeti 45 Tundra

Yeti is known for making high quality coolers and they do not disappoint with their Tundra cooler. This cooler has great insulation and is known to be durable. On top of this, it is a very cool looking cooler.

This cooler keeps ice for 7-10 days just like the Pelican elite cooler.

The handles are made of rope with soft grips that can make carrying less taxing on the hands, but just make sure you do not swing it too much and hit an ankle.

With great ice retention, durable construction, and ease of carrying, this cooler comes as a close second to the Pelican Elite.

Yeti Tundra
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Best High-End Overland Cooler: Dometic CFX3

For an electric cooler that can keep your food as long as you can keep power, I recommend the Dometic CFX3. Dometic has become the new standard for portable refrigerators among the off-road community and it is easy to see why. These coolers are rugged, energy efficient, and provide the modern conveniences we enjoy at home on the road.

The smart design of this cooler and durable material makes it great at taking the toughest of elements and bumpiest of roads.

It is reliable and can keep your food warm in 90+ degree weather without any issues.

It is convenient, acting as a fridge and even maintaining freezer temperatures when set to do so.

Although this cooler is expensive, it is the best in the game when it comes to portable cooling for food and beverages. If you’re looking to invest in a great piece of gear for those long adventures, check this one out.

 Dometic CFX3

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Best Portable Cooler: Pelican Dayventure Sling

The Pelican Dayventure cooler extremely durable and high quality, as Pelican is known for. The material is made for outdoor use and after a day of rugged adventuring comes back in perfect shape. This is the perfect cooler for any day hike or adventure.

This cooler keeps your ice all day and keeps your beverages cold while you adventure, which is great for a portable soft cooler.

The zipper has a watertight seal which further reinforces the cold retention.

The sling design makes it extremely easy to carry.

For $150 you get a lot of functionality from this cooler.

Pelican Dayventure

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Best Budget Cooler: Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler

If you are looking for something that is more affordable, but still performs look no further. The Coleman Xtreme Cooler has fairly good ice retention and is lightweight which makes it easier to carry. For >$50 this is not a bad option.

This cooler can keep ice for around 5 days.

This cooler is not durable, but for the price it can be expected.

This cooler Is light weight and easy to carry.

This cooler is 70 quarts so it can carry a lot of food and beverages.

For less than $50 this cooler covers all of the basics done, so if you need a cheap cooler that performs, I recommend this one.

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