Recovery Board getting Jeep unstuck

Best Recovery Boards to Get You Unstuck

A recovery board is the simplest way to get yourself unstuck from sand, mud, or snow. Therefore, I always carry a pair with me, whenever I go off-road.

When your wheels are so dug into the terrain that they are spinning, stop and grab your traction boards. Slip them in front or behind your stuck wheels, whichever way you are trying to drive out. Slowly drive forward or backward, without spinning your tires, and you are home free. It is that simple.

Check out this list for our top picks for Recovery Boards to get you unstuck.

Our Pick: Maxsa Recovery Board

The Maxsa Recovery Board is a great option that is high-quality but also reasonably priced. These traction boards get the job done and last through the toughest of adventures, without breaking the bank.

They are made of high-impact polypropylene plastic, which is lightweight but built to last. They are known to support heavy SUVs and trucks.

Highlights: durable, lightweight, heavy load, reasonable price

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Highest Quality: MaxTrax Recovery Board

The tried-and-true traction board, MaxTrax are a brand that you can rely on. Their material allows the traction boards to flex and conform to the shape of your tire, which allows the most traction for getting unstuck. Then, they flex right back to place when you are done.

MaxTraxs stack for easy transportation unlike most other traction boards. They are made of UV-stabilized, flexible, super tough engineering-grade reinforced nylon. They are very durable, so they can withstand a beating and still be good for the next adventure. The main downside is the high price tag.

Highlights: Most Durable option, Trusted Brand, Flexible for extra traction

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Compact Option: EVTIME Traction Mats

EVTIME Traction Mats serve as traction aids when needed, while also folding for compact storage when not in use. Compared with standard recovery boards, these traction mats are much easier to store.

These mats are very durable, made of textured, rubberized rungs with galvanized steel connecting cables. With the foldable design these mats conform to your tires shape, providing great traction and limiting chance of breaking.

Highlights: Foldable for Compact Storage, Durable

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Cheaper Option: X Bull Recovery Boards

The X-Bull Recovery Boards are made of thick durable material that get you unstuck and last through prolonged use. They can hold withstand up to 10 tons of weight while being used on flat ground.

They are made of reinforced strong nylon which is strong and can take the beating of your vehilce’s weight and impact. These traction boards come with an included carry bag and mounting screws. They are one of the cheapest options for a good recovery board.

Highlights: Durable, Cheap, Carry Bag Included

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Most Versatile: BUNKR INDUST Recovery Boards

The BUNK INDUST Recovery Boards are a durable and quality option that is reasonably priced. These traction boards also come with a unique design that allows them to act as a jack stand. If you off-road often you know that it can be very difficult to find a flat surface for your jack so this one kills two birds with one stone.

These boards are made out of engineering-grade reinforced nylon which makes them super sturdy but still lightweight. They are one of the cheapest options to buy.

Highlights: Versatile, Cheap

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