Best Recovery Straps to Get You Unstuck

Best Recovery Straps to Get You Unstuck

Recovery Straps are an essential piece of gear that all off-roaders should carry. They are used to safely recovery a stuck vehicle, using another vehicle. You first attach the recovery strap using d-ring shackels to a secure part of each vehicle. Then you slowly pull the stuck vehicle out with the other one, with enough force to use the elastic force of the strap and yank the vehicle out.

Even if you are a solo adventurer, you never know when you may run into someone else who needs help getting unstuck.

Check out this list of the best recovery straps to get you unstuck:

Rhino Recovery Strap

Rhino makes a variety of recovery straps all of which are great quality. This 3 inch wide recovery strap has roughly 31,000 Ibs of towing force. The loop ends are triple reinforced to give you piece of mind that they will hold during recovery.

Made with a polyester and silk webbing, these recovery straps are built to last. They come in 20 and 30 ft options.

At 20 ft this is a great option if you are looking for something affordable.

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All-Top Recovery Strap

The All-Top Recovery Strap is made of Nylon Webbing and can support up to 35,00 Ibs. It is sturdy but still flexible enough to get a good snatch during recovery. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that it will last. It is 30 ft long and 3 inches wide.

It also comes with a carrying case and D-ring shackles included. For the price this is a great deal for a quality product.

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Smittybilt Recovery Strap

Smittybilt is a trusted name in the vehicle market. They have been making reliable gear for a very long time. The Smittybilt Recovery Strap is no exception. Made of stitched webbing, this recovery strap is built for strength and durability and can support up to 30,000 Ibs of force (target at least 1.5x your vehicles weight).

This strap comes at 30 ft long and roughly 3 inches in width, which is a solid length for recovery purposes. You can also buy it in different sizes.

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ARB Recovery Strap

ARB is another trusted off-road brand. The ARB Recovery Strap is made of nylon for strength and flexibility, which is important for recovering a stuck vehicle. It has a 17,000 Ib towing capacity which is plenty for most SUVs and pickups.

This recovery strap is roughly 30 ft long and 2 inches wide.

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Titan Recovery Strap

For a cheaper option, that is still sturdy try the Titan Recovery Strap. This recovery strap is made of woven polyester and has a pull rating of 25,000 Ibs.

Check them out if you are looking for something that will not break the bank.

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