Off-roading Jeeps on snowy terrain in a Winter forest.

How to Stay Warm Outdoors

As the weather gets colder, you need the appropriate gear and clothing for cooler climates. Even during a hot day in the summer, in the mountains or high deserts weather can turn cold at night.

For all overlanders, it is necessary to prepare with the right gear for extreme weather. Here are some good ideas on how to stay warm while camping:


Nothing beats a nice hot campfire. It keeps you warm, entertained, and happy. All you need is firewood and the skills to start a fire, then your good to go. Simple and easy.

You can often buy firewood near your campsite; it is important not to bring firewood long distances as to not bring disease or foreign pests from other regions. You can check local convenience stores or gas stations to see if they are selling wood. People often have signs on their properties, indicating that they are selling firewood for nearby recreational spots.

You can also gather firewood once as you are on the trails, depending on how abundant trees are or how wet of weather it is. Make sure that you have the proper tools such as an axe to chop or split wood.

Shave some wood as kindling and stack skinner wood pieces on top. Light the kindling and get the smaller logs lit. Once the fire is going put the larger pieces on top, then sit and enjoy.

Camping with a tent and campfire at a beautiful secluded camping spot.

Heater/Propane Fire

When overlanding with an off road vehicle, you have the benefit of bringing more power. A portable heater can easily hook up to a portable batter or power source. Some heaters use propane or other fuels as well.

You can also buy a propane fire pit to imitate a fire. A campfire is always best in my opinion, but you can get pretty close to a fire, during a fire ban, with a propane fire—they are allowed. It may also be convenient for you to easily turn the fire on and off whenever you need.

Warm Clothes

This is probably something you should come prepared with whenever camping, but if you have warm enough clothes for the weather you can potentially get on without a fire.

Sometimes fires are not an option because the location does not allow it, or maybe there is a fire ban due to dry weather.

Whatever the reason pack layers of warm clothes, and spares in case one gets wet. Bring a wool blanket for extra cover. Additionally, make sure you have a high-quality sleeping bag, too keep you warm in the night.


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