Jeep with Rhino Rack and gear on top.

Pioneer Platform Review

I have owned the Pioneer Platform roof rack by Rhino Rack for over two years now and have utilized it for many off-road adventures and camping trips. The Pioneer Platform by Rhino Rack is one of the most versatile roof racks available on the market and is made of high quality materials.

The many roof rack attachments and accessories allow you to carry a variety of gear. Additionally, this roof rack is extremely durable and made of high-quality materials.


The Pioneer Platform has a unique design that works great for outdoor recreation.

The platform is made of durable, high quality aluminum and has fiberglass re-enforced nylon corners. The aluminum is coated with corrosion resistant material, so it is resistant to the elements.

The platform has five aluminum planks along the entire length of the platform. They have attachment channels that allow you to fit a variety of gear. There are also channels along the side edges and front and back extrusions.

Rhino Rack Design.

The platform is aerodynamically designed and offers a very clean look along the top of your vehicle.


The Pioneer Platform is extremely versatile as the many attachment channels are compatible the whole suite of Rhino Rack accessories and most roof rack accessories from other companies.

Some accessories that I have used on this Pioneer Platform include:

There are also built-in wire channels that allow for integrated wiring capabilities.

Jeep with Rhino Rack and gear on top.


The Pioneer Platform is one of the best roof racks that you can buy as its high quality and versatility to carry all types of gear make it stand out among the higher end roof racks.


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