Jeep with Off-Road Tires at Painted Hills

Essential Off-Road Tire Equipment

Your tires are the first contact with the trail. They are what pulls you through the tough obstacles and maintain grip with the terrain. They are what get you to where you’re going and get you back home safely.

It is essential to have the correct off-road tire gear when hitting the trails. Check out our recommendations for gear that is essential for any off-road trip.

Tire Jack (and Full-Sized Spare)

If you do not currently have a full-sized spare tire, get one ASAP. There is always the possibility that you could pop a tire on the trail and need a to replace it with a spare. A donut will likely cause major damage to your vehicle on the trail as the disproportional size will put unnecessary pressure on your driveshaft. A full-sized spare tire is a must.

If you need to upgrade, check out the tires on Morris 4x4.

When you need to change your tire, you will need a good jack. And on rugged terrain you will want something that can safely lift your car without tipping over. Put some thought into what is best for your off-road style and budget.

I recommend the Pro Eagle 2 Ton Off Road Jack.

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For something cheaper try the the Pro Lift Bottle Jack.

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Tire Pressure Gauge / Deflator

A tire pressure gauge is a must have if you are off-roading, as you should always be airing down your tires (lowering your tire pressure).

Wheeling with a lower tire pressure, lowers the chance of your tires being punctured, when compared to having a stiff tire that can more easily pop. Airing down provides extra traction through tough obstacles by increasing the surface area of your tires. Airing down also helps your tires absorb the impact of a rough trail by acting as a cushion before the impact of rigid obstacles hit your suspension coils and body.

Since you should always be airing down you will need to be able to know what pressure level your tires are at. A tire pressure gauge is an easy item to purchase to make sure you are adequately prepared for the trail. Some also come with a rapid air down function.

I recommend the ARB Tire Pressure Gauge and Rapid Air Down Kit.

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Off Road Tire Inflator

Whenever you air down, you must be sure to air back up before getting back on the paved road. Driving around with a deflated tire can lead to tire damage, a blown tire, or your tire falling off the wheel. These are all very bad situations that you want to avoid.

Always pack an air compressor or some type of tire inflator with you while you are off-road, so you can easily air back up before hitting the pavement.

I recommend the Vlair Automatic Portable Compressor.

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Tire Repair Kit

On the trail, anything can happen and even if you properly air down your tires they can still be punctured. You should have a full sized spare handy, but if for some reason you do not have a one, you should at least have a tire repair kit.

Even if you do have a full-sized spare, sometimes it may be best to quickly repair your tire, so I recommend that every off-roader carry one.

I recommend the ARB tire repair kit.

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