How to Get Off a Ski Lift on a Snowboard

How to Get Off a Ski Lift on a Snowboard

Unless you want to walk up the mountain, taking the ski lift is the best way to go to the top and test your snowboarding skills. However, it can be a bit tricky to get off the sky lift on a snowboard when you are starting out. So, what is the proper way to get off a ski lift? Here are some tips and tricks.

Check the signs

Most ski lifts have a safety bar for extra security while riding up the ski lift. As you approach the end of the ski lift, a safety sign will tell you exactly when to lift the safety bar. Make sure to lift the bar at this point to avoid getting stuck on the lift as you approach the drop off point.  

Lift the snowboard’s front end up

Lifting the front of the snowboard ensures that your snowboard doesn’t get caught in the snow as you get off the lift. As you are getting off you should turn your body with your strapped foot facing straight forward to make a smoother transition to riding. Stand up when the whole snowboard can touch the ground.

Position your feet

As you are standing up, you need to place the non-strapped foot on the stomp pad, between the snowboard’s bindings. Push off the chair lift as you stand up. Next, lean your body forward, so you can build momentum when getting off the lift and ensure you do not fall backwards. Face the direction you want to go and keep your balance. With practice, you will get a better feel for the balance points, and it will become easy.

Move quickly

The reality is that a ski lift continues to move on behind you. That means that you need to continue moving to avoid having people collide with you from behind or trip over your board. You need to clear the lift area as soon as possible, even if you are losing balance keep pushing to get out of the way.

If you do happen to fall in front of the ski lift, do not panic. Focus on trying to crawl to the sides and out of the way of the flow of traffic. In emergency situations, the ski lift operator will stop the ski lift to allow you to clear the area.


Learning how to get off a ski lift when you are on a snowboard can be difficult, but it just takes a bit of practice. Once you master these steps, it becomes easy to do. Just keep at it and have fun.

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