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Backpacking Gear List: The Essentials

Looking to get into backpacking but not sure what gear you need? We got you covered. Check out our list of essential backpacking gear: Backpack While you are backpacking you need to be sure to have a sturdy and durable backpack to carry all your gear, supplies and food. You’ll want something with the right load bearing capacity and volume, but also something that is not too heavy. Backpacking Tent A good quality backpacking tent is another piece of gear that you will need to invest in. Backpacking tents are usually lightweight and pack down very compact. Make sure you have something appropriate for the weather. If there is rain or snow in the forecast get the corresponding tent for...

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Best Backpacking Backpacks for Men

When picking out a good backpack for backpacking it is important to consider the right weight, volume, and frame for your needs. Your backpack will be one of the most heavy items you will bring with you backpacking so it is important to think of how much weight you can carry. The backpack’s volume is also very important to think about depending on how much gear you carry. Lastly, you will need to make sure your frame is sturdy enough to carry all your gear, so it is important to think about how much everything will weigh. See below for our top recommendations for backpacking backpacks: Osprey Aether 65 Weight: 4.92 Ibs Load Range: 60 Ibs Volume: 65L This backpack...

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